The 3 steps to Winning Sales

The 3 steps to Winning Sales: Part 1

At Dynamo Selling,
we teach the steps of the sales process – but also how to prioritise them, in our sales training courses

As sales people ourselves, we can appreciate there are so many things to focus on, we can lose sight of the big picture. Clients often come to us overwhelmed, as they have been told to focus on the sales process, objection handling, building rapport, negotiating etc. the list goes on! While it is true that there are many elements incorporated into the sales cycle, identifying the areas of improvement and prioritising is the key.

There are 3 steps we teach in our sales training workshops to help clients narrow their focus and prioritise:

Step 1 – Get Clear

Step 2 – Get Confident

Step 3 – Get Growth.

In this blog post, we will cover the first step of the process, which is getting clear.

In our Sales Training, the first step we teach is to Get Clear.

The brain is an amazing and complex system but yet also very basic. It is capable of doing millions of functions per second, but it can’t do anything if it doesn’t have destination or clear vision of where it’s heading. Your sales training plan must start with a blueprint for your success as clarity is the key to successful execution.

Any sort of sales training or sales coaching must start with this as a foundation, and only once you are crystal clear can we start to visualise our goals and destinations. In order to get clear in our sales training workshops, we ask our clients these questions:

  1. How many leads are you actually receiving – and from them how many are you closing?
  2. What is your reason for signing up for this class? Are you goals to be a sale person or a high achiever?
  3. Where do you see yourself in 3 years?
  4. What’s your target and what’s your stretch target? It’s really interesting once we have a stretch target – our brains often find a way to get it.

From reviewing your answers to these questions, your goals should become clear.

The next step in the process is to turn your goals into actionable steps.

Once you have achieved clarity on what you want to achieve, you can break this down into small achievable steps to create a path to get there. By getting the numbers down on paper of of leads versus actual sales, you can start to see room for improvement in your history and set a target. We have completed an example for you below:


No of leads/mnth No of sales actual/ mnth No of months Close rate After 3 months Total
20 2 3 10% 6

Target for 3 months

Target No of leads /month Target sales /month  Target sales stretch/ month
20+ 3 4

Once you have set achievable targets and step targets, you can work out how many hours and effort it would take to close those additional leads.

The right preparation in sales training leads to sales success

Having goals written down on paper works wonders for your brain starts. Rather than internalising the goals, they are out of your head and become somewhat “real”.

We use this process in our sales training courses and have seen first hand the effects of getting clear. It allows you to clearly visualise what you determine greatness to be and takes you onto the next sale success step, confidence. We will cover this step in Part 2.

“Becoming crystal clear helps your fears to disappear.”

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Our Sales Training Blue Print

Our Sales Training Blue Print


Throughout our company, there is an underlying philosophy that encompasses everything we do. It is that mindset is the single most important element to being successful. It is this concept that sets us apart, and our entire vision for existing as a company.

Why? Because the mindset of your sales team is what guides their every action. If they have the desire to truly help their clients and to achieve success, it’s better than any of the traditional funnelling or prospecting techniques you can do.

In our sales training courses, we break down the overall sales success philosophy into 3 easy steps

Our three steps are simple and easy to remember:

Step 1: Get clear
Step 2: Get confidence
Step 3: Get Growth.

Get Clear

Clarity is the first step, because it is important to identify what your goals are before you can take actionable and efficient steps.

Throughout our sales training, we undergo a series of self-evaluation questions to help this process and the results are often surprising. By starting off with questions such as “Where do you see yourself in 6 months or 5 years”? or “What are your targets and stretch targets?” We start to get an idea of the basic goals and then the goals get more precise and clear so that we can start backward planning.

But then by analysing the answers to these questions and going deeper into the Why of each question, we often uncover goals that the participant themselves didn’t even realise. They are often professional, but more often than not, our personal goals are what motivate us to succeed.

Become the person who would attract the results you seek

Confidence is the second step .The strongest and most motivating confidence comes from within. It’s the knowledge that you have the necessary skills to actually achieve these goals. This sort of confidence can be achieved in many ways but it can only start to develop once you have gotten clear in step 1.

Visualisations are one of the first techniques we use to instil a strong sense of confidence within ourselves. This skills involves visualising yourself the way you want to be. What the mind can achieve the body can achieve.

Secondly, we incorporate affirmations into our sales training. Affirmations are positive an uplifting statements that we say to ourselves. We tend to believe what we say to ourselves frequently.

Lastly, this confidence can be found by creating a clear and actionable plan to achieve your goals. If the plan is thorough and achievable, having this laid out in front of you will give you confidence.

Growth is never achieved by chance. It takes sales training and strategic effort

The third step is Growth. It is one thing to have a clearly defined, actionable plan to achieve these goals – but executing them is the hard part. One of the reasons for this is that organisations are changing on a constant basis and there are so many parts moving every day, that our actions often become reactive.

We need to make time to execute our steps and stay disciplined. If you can do this, we can guarantee you will see growth. We have seen it time and time again with our sales training clients.

Ongoing growth happens when two things take place:
1. We stop wasting time and become more resourceful and productive
2. We increase our circle of influence – you can’t become a better runner and have better times unless you race against better runners. This is very powerful because you start to step up because you can see others that are achieving success and greatness.

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing our clients follow these three steps and actually see results. We are talking about huge increases in close rates, hitting sales targets and job satisfaction.

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