Coaching After Sales Training Melbourne

The Importance of Coaching After Sales Training


Your sales team may be the first point of contact for your organisation and they will affect how your sales will perform in the long run. Accordingly, your sales team must possess a number of skills, especially in the area of communication and relationship building.

Intensive sales training workshops are often the first activity we deliver for new clients, but

up to 80% of information is forgotten in 4 days

The best way to improve sales performance is to solidify the information covered in the sales training workshop through monthly coaching consultations. In fact, when training is reinforced, companies see up to 4x the ROI from the training alone*.

Why should you consider coaching after sales training?

Sales Coaching Supports Sales Training

Coaching and training should go hand-in-hand.

It takes time for staff them to hone and utilise their skills efficiently.

The training workshops are quite comprehensive and provide employees with a wealth of knowledge and techniques to develop their skills, while coaching helps instil these skills through opportunities to apply them at work appropriately.

Sales Coaching creates an Interactive Environment for Learning

When employees are consistently offered opportunities to grow and lead, they’re more satisfied with their work and committed to the organisation. Ongoing coaching ensures your team adapt to the ever-changing business landscape.  Coaching may also lead to overall workplace satisfaction that lessens staff turnover rates.

Sales Training will Boost Productivity

By assisting your sales team to work smarter, they can better understand and balance their time during working hours. This also means that they are less likely to suffer from stress and other workplace injuries because they are more able to assess and approach each task more strategically.

Sales Coaching Improves Emotional Intelligence

Guiding your sales team with how they should balance their emotional understanding in the workplace will shape them to be cooperative in solving a problem and capable with dealing with clients and certain sales issues.

Considering the time, energy and wages spent on your sales team, it makes sense to ensure you give them the tools to perform their jobs to the best of their potential. Sales Coaching will reinforce sales training programs and help increase chances of making and sustaining positive changes that will result in more sales.

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