Lead your Team Into the Sales Zone

Lead your Team Out of the Comfort Zone and Into the Sales Zone

Disown the Comfort Zone & Embrace the Success Zone

Being wrapped up in the warmth of a soft bed. Reading a good book in an oversized chair with feet propped up on an ottoman. What do these have to do with sales?

These scenarios are firmly located in the comfort zone where people feel comfortable, safe, and secure.

But sales don’t happen here.

We avoid situations that require us to step out of the comfort zone, situations where we feel uncomfortable, unsafe, and insecure.

Can you think of any successful sell that was made from within the comfort zone? Probably not. So, what can we do to overcome our fears and dip our toes into uncharted waters?

One way is to seek professional guidance. Our sales training course can help your team overcome the fears that have them glued firmly within the limits of their comfort zone.

Why does the comfort zone hold so much power over us? To answer this question, let’s look at what goes on inside the mind.

The Psychology Behind the Familiar & How It Hinders Sales

Comfort zones exist for a reason; they keep us physically and mentally safe.

Think of the first time you walked into an unfamiliar place or in a room full of people that you didn’t know.

Your heart beat faster than usual, your hands became damp with sweat, and your stomach started doing backflips. You felt anxious, stressed, and scared.

These happen because unknown situations trigger instinctual alarms that scream at us to “get out!”

Our brain is telling us to play it safe, so we don’t get hurt.

Unfortunately, extraordinary things don’t happen in the safe zone. Is there success in safe? How can we move forward if we are surrounded by tall borders?

Your team cannot reach its sales potential by operating solely in the comfort zone. Our method of sales training will help your team break the chains of fear and soar to success.

Benefits of Pushing Past Comfort & Stepping into Selling

There are no limits to what your team can achieve once the uncomfortable zone is embraced. Here’s a list of seven changes you’ll notice almost immediately:

  • New connections will be established. By going out and networking, your team’s skills and services will be widely recognized, so more people will want to work with your company.
  • Existing relationships will be strengthened. Inviting a manager to lunch or writing a thoughtful email to a colleague will build trust and form a solid foundation for collaboration.
  • Creative solutions will inspire. Fresh perspectives from unique angles will prompt the type of creative brainstorming that leads to revolutionary ideas.
  • Confidence will be sky-high. Once your team recognizes their strength and tenacity, they become self-assured in their ability to achieve lofty goals.
  • Chances of encountering prospects will be higher. Don’t let life pass you by, and don’t let future opportunities slip away; go out and get them!
  • Greater payoffs will be seen. What do you gain from standing in the same place? Burst out of the comfort zone and into prosperity.
  • Peers will begin to take notice. There’s something magnetic and memorable about a confident person who is passionate about their work. Each person on your team can be that person!

Are you still unsure about leaving the warm blanket of comfort for the beckoning unknown? Take comfort in the fact that we are here to help meet your team’s sales needs. Book a free consultation with us now.

Tactics to Help Your Team Navigate Life Inside the Sales Zone

What’s the next step after your team has leapt out of the comfort zone? Easy! Just remember the 5 P’s.

  1. Plan. To combat anxiety about a new situation, gather as much information as possible on the product, service, or potential client. Then, develop a flexible plan.
  2. Practice. The best way to reduce uncertainty is by practicing. To increase your team’s sales potential, encourage them to practice public speaking and presentation skills. Transition from practicing in their private office to other low-stakes situations. For example, organize presentions in front of a small group of peers.
  3. Peers. Lean on a network of colleagues by asking for feedback, soliciting advice, and allowing them to hold every person on your team accountable.
  4. Passion. People pick up on passion. When team members exude confidence and are passionate about the product or service that your company is selling, clients will be drawn towards your business.
  5. Perfection. To be blunt, perfection is not a realistic goal. There will be hurdles and challenges in the uncertain zone, but your team is guaranteed to grow and succeed.

Let us help you and your team stride out of the comfort zone and strive. Learn about our sales training today!

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