Painting The Town Rochele

Painting The Town Rochele!

Rochele Painting, a formidable family-owned business with its headquarters in Brisbane, has grown organically under the energetic leadership of the founders, Rocco & Michele Festa, since 1975. From domestic to high-rise buildings and factories to entire developments, Rochele Painting has soared. So why did they contact Dynamo Selling?

Building A Bridges

As all founders discover, the bigger a company gets, the further away the founder is from the client-facing side of the business. Wanting to bridge this gap, Rochele called Dynamo Selling to help them permeate their founder’s business and sales philosophy through all levels of the company.

The gap had developed as Rochele had grown from a home office business in 1975 to handling 1000 painting projects a year between 2007 & 2011. They then doubled that within six years and continued to explode with work, undertaking projects across South East Queensland from Tweed, through Brisbane and as far north as Tewantin.

To help Rochele enrich their company’s client-focused culture, our strategists, Raimond and Sam, started by mapping out a plan of approach for the organisation a few months ago. This included planned discussions across all levels of the organisation, diverse training workshops and goal setting.

Gathering Input From All Levels

Knowing how to help a client involves input from every level of a company, as each level reflects the impact of the other levels that surround them. Dynamo extracted a rich source of company information and detailed insights into diverse issues.

These tabled issues were then analysed systematically with the client and separately and a plan of action was collaboratively created. Each issue had a unique solution, a corrective or supportive action and a goal allocated to it.

Some of the solutions that were allocated involved:

  • Behaviour training
  • Mind mapping training
  • The psychology of sales training
  • Training on understanding people
  • Training on reading people and body language
  • The general understanding of sales training

Additional training and workshops showed the entire staff how to develop relationships with clients, build rapport and handle objections. We also covered critical needs such as client retention, questioning techniques and switching strategies to get results.

The estimations team is engaged in ongoing specialist workshops that are already delivering great results!

What Was The Outcome?

Hear it from the client:

“Dynamo Selling was exactly what we were after. They understood our business objective and catered for the business perfectly.”

Sam Festa, MD, Rochele Painting June 2022

Rochele has seen an immediate effect on their turnover and customer satisfaction off the back of this training with results that started as ‘great’ and are now record-breaking. The tailored sales coaching with the estimators has proved to be highly successful as the finest details were thoroughly covered.

Dynamo Selling has been engaged to continue with more training of the Rochele Painting team. Watch them paint the town Rochele!

If you want to start your record-breaking months for 2022, call us now!

Group Discussion

The Best Time To Invest In Sales Coaching: Curing An Unhealthy Sales Strategy

Sales coaching – is it really necessary for my business? Sales are the lifeblood of every business; it keeps the wheels in motion toward a more profitable company.

Acquiring new customers and continuing to sell to existing customers is essential for business success, which means your sales team needs to be fit and ready to land those important deals. Still, this is no easy task, especially with it being so easy for salespeople to fall into a rut after years of pushing the same strategy. So, where do you go, and what do you do when your sales begin to plummet, even though your team is doing everything they can to convince customers to make a purchase? Well, this is where sales coaching comes in!

The truth is, selling successfully requires a range of skills, processes and knowledge that can often be challenging to master without the right guidance and expertise showing you the ropes, but we can help with that! Here at Dynamo Selling, we understand that sometimes, it’s easier to learn from someone else’s experience and success. This is why we are the leading sales and customer service training company in Australia, providing sales coaching Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, and surrounding areas. With our sales coaching behind your business, nothing can stop you from reaching your goals and taking your business to new heights!

Symptoms Of A Sick Sales Strategy. 

Is your sales team feeling more sluggish than usual? Perhaps pale and clammy and a little unmotivated to get things done? If you answered ‘yes,’ you may be dealing with a sick sales strategy.

Let’s take a look at a few early symptoms:

  1. Putting the cart before the horse. If your sales team is jumping into quotes before establishing any connection with a customer, it’s a sure sign that your sales strategy has gone astray. Connecting with a prospect is the most important step in securing a sale.
  2. Identity crisis. As the sales industry expands and more competitors rear their heads, it can be challenging to differentiate your business from the rest. As a result, salespeople may struggle to deliver a concise representation of the company’s brand, what it does, and how it can add value to the customer’s life.
  3. Distracted. There are many things that distract salespeople from focusing on high-value tasks. However, if your team cannot gain control of their focus, it may be time to intervene with sales coaching.

Understanding the sales process, committing to the pipeline of events and exuding confidence in the brand you are selling is crucial for successful sales. So, if your sales team seems a little under the weather, it’s time to invest in professional sales coaching!

Contact Dynamo Selling today for innovative and industry-leading sales coaching in Australia!

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When Sales Coaching is Effective

In order to have a successful business, it is essential to have a good team behind you that knows what they are doing. That’s where sales coaching comes in – for yourself or your employees.

Sales coaching is a process that helps salespeople improve their performance and achieve their goals. It usually involves setting goals, providing feedback, and offering support and advice.

A sales coach provides structure and the tools needed to succeed while keeping things interesting and fresh so people don’t get bored and also has extensive experience.

When done correctly, everyone involved will benefit from the time spent working with a coach.

But how do you know when sales coaching is effective?


Principles of Effective Sales Coaching

To be effective, sales coaches need to have a thorough understanding of the principles of good coaching and the ability to tailor their approach to meet the specific needs of their team members.

Effective sales coaching techniques and principles encompass the following seven areas:

  1. Goal setting

  2. Observation

  3. Feedback

  4. Focusing on positive reinforcement

  5. Using active listening

  6. Being open to change

  7. Personal responsibility

The benefits of coaching include improved performance, morale, goal attainment, and motivation. If you see any of these signs, then it’s likely that your coach is having a positive impact on your team.

But is there a way to calculate a sales coach’s success?


Determining the Effectiveness of Sales Coaching

Measuring the effectiveness of sales coaching can be difficult, but there are a few key indicators that can help you determine whether it’s working for your team.

Here are ten things to look for when evaluating the effectiveness of sales coaching

  1. Are our team members meeting their goals?

  2. Are our team members improving their performance?

  3. Are our team members implementing what they’ve learned?

  4. Are our team members working together more efficiently and productively?

  5. Is there increased motivation and morale among the sales team?

  6. Do team members feel like their coach is supporting them?

  7. Do team members feel more confident and prepared?

  8. Do team members seem more engaged and enthusiastic about their work?

  9. Do you see an increase in revenue, close rates, win rates, and deal size?

  10. Is the quality of customer interactions improving?

In addition to gauging employee satisfaction, it’s also vital to ask managers how they feel about the state of affairs. If they feel like they have more support from upper management since implementing a coaching program, then chances are that said program is having a positive impact.

Sales coaching can be an extremely valuable tool for any organization – but only if it’s done well. Effective sales coaching can lead to increased sales, improved customer satisfaction, and higher employee retention rates.

Calculate the effectiveness of your coaching program to ensure that it’s having the desired effect and positively impacting your business.

When Is Sales Coaching Most Effective?

Sales coaching is most effective when it’s done on a regular basis. That could be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly meetings between coach and client.

The key is to be consistent with the frequency of meetings so that both parties know what to expect and can plan accordingly.

In addition to consistency, other factors make up an effective sales coach:

  • Knowledge of the product/service being sold

  • Understanding of human behaviour and motivation techniques

  • Excellent communication skills,

  • Ability to build trust and rapport with clients

Ultimately, it comes down to whether the sales coach genuinely desires to help their client succeed.


Sales coaching programs can also help build relationships between managers and salespeople, improve communication within the team, and boost the performance of your team or individual members.

By taking the time to invest in your staff’s development through regular meetings, goal-setting, and feedback sessions, you’re showing that you value their contribution to the company.

This, in turn, will lead to employees feeling more valued, which usually results in boosted morale and motivation levels amongst your team.

Sales coaching can be an important part of a salesperson’s development. It can help them learn new skills, overcome challenges, and become more successful.

So, consider getting some sales coaching if you want to inspire and invigorate your sales team! It could be the boost you need to reach your goals.

At Dynamo Selling, we pride ourselves on superior customised sales training and coaching programs.

We have a proven track record of success. Just ask Hewlett Packard Enterprises (HPE), one of the many organizations that have reaped the rewards of our tailored, goal-oriented sales training and coaching program.

Whether you’re curious about sales training or sales coaching Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, or beyond, we will take the time to learn the ins and outs of your industry and unique business needs.

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