Maximise your sales teams’ ability and ROI with expertly designed Sales Courses in Sydney by Dynamo™ Selling

Sales Courses Sydney Why Choose Dynamo™ Selling’s Courses

Maximise ROI With Sales Course Training Modules

Having the in-house expertise to update and optimise your current sales strategy can be costly and time-consuming. This is why most industries are increasingly moving to external partners to acquire this specialised knowledge at a much lower cost and convenience.

To further these time and cost savings Dynamo™ Selling also offers Training Modules to ensure there is no impact on daily operations. This way your sales team can refine their skills without compromising their productivity.

Our sales courses in Sydney and Australia focus on increasing your sales team’s performance by showing them which avenues to focus on that will result in increased conversions.

Bespoke Training For Sales Personnel

Each team and organisation has different goals and ambitions. This is why Dynamo™ Selling’s CEO and founder Raimond Volpe, an international best selling author and multiple award winner, creates bespoke sales training course for each client.

Using the latest information and research available, our sales courses in Sydney and Australia focus on psychological motivators; what moves clients to act in a certain way on an emotional and cognitive level.

Tapping into this side of the sales transaction, and by truly understanding your client with our sales courses, we can help increase your teams’ sales performance.

Increase your ROI

The sales techniques that Dynamo™ Selling has developed and refined through its years of experience in designing and providing sales course in Sydney and Australia will help your team positively affect your clients’ actions, with the ultimate result of increasing sales.

To maximise the retention of the skills taught through our programs, we implement a hybrid method of both exercises, real-time and theoretical coaching.


Some of our clients


We Offer Multiple Types of Sales Courses in Sydney and Australia to Create a Training Program Tailored to Your Team and Organisation

Every team, company and entity is different, this is why Dynamo™ Selling takes great pride in offering multiple sales training programs that look to meet our clients’ needs and expectations. No matter what the scale of your company or team, we can offer or create a program that fits it. Our program will assess and address sales bottlenecks and highlight untapped opportunities.

We do this by performing a “gap analysis” before launching the training program. Using the data gleaned from this analysis we will focus on the issues that our sales courses will need to address. This helps us design a training modules that will efficiently and effectively boost your sales efforts.

These are some of the Sales training packages we offer


The SME package is presented within one day and performed via teleconference. Using the Dynamo™ Selling system, this program is created for teams of 4-5 sales professionals.


Our Corporate Program was created for large organisations that may have multiple sales teams. You can choose to conduct the training on-sight or in an off-sight location.


This full-day workshop will introduce you to the Dynamo™ Selling system. We can conduct this sales course in Sydney and Australia, one-on-one giving a personalised level of training.

Monthly Success Retainer

Any new structure requires a strong foundation and maintenance. This is why you can retain our sales training and analysis services on a monthly basis, to keep your sales teams and processes up to date and fully optimised.

Retail Sales

This program was designed to cater specifically to the retail industry. This module focuses on the core of retails sales which include customer support and giving your team the tools to stay motivated so they can achieve their goals.

Phone Selling

Our telemarketing training program will help your team optimise conversion when cold-calling by creating a rapport with the customers they contact, ultimately leading to an increase in sales.

Virtual Training

Dynamo™ Selling also offers teleconference sales courses in Sydney and Australia that are a great solution for remote teams or national sales teams headquartered in different locations.

Sales Coaching

Our hybrid approach of theory and practice includes real-world examples and real-time sales coaching. This ensures that your team understands how the principles we teach them apply in a sales scenario.

Sales Courses Sydney and Australia

Why Choose Dynamo™ Selling System?

Boost Motivation, Help Sales Professionals’ Mindset

There are a few things that are crucial for successful sales; knowledge is of course high on that list, but mindset is also extremely important. A successful sales team not only needs the right knowledge and the correct techniques but also the motivation and mindset to implement them.

Our priority when helping our participants refocus their efforts is to help them find the “why” and align that personal motivation with their professional aspirations.

Bolster Productivity

Having a healthy mindset is crucial for optimal productivity. We can help your sales team tap into the motivation and grit necessary to boost their productivity and ultimately increase sales revenue.

Our sales courses help minimise non-essential operations on an individual level refocusing your team’s efforts on activities that target results. Our training program will show your sales team techniques to increase their productivity – working more efficiently and not grinding through their leads.

Optimising Conversion & Closing Rates

The ultimate goal of any sales training program is to increase sales revenue through the conversion of potential clients and closing on sales leads. Our multi-pronged approach of assessing and creating a tailored program will help you achieve this.

All of Dynamo™ Selling’s Sales Courses for Sydney and Australia can be attended virtually, face-to-face, on-site or at an external location

Optimise Conversion to Increase Sales with Sales Courses

Businesses are always looking to expand, one truly proven way to do this is to increase sales venue. This is why sales are often considered one of the core operations of corporate entities.

Using Dynamo™ Selling’s sales courses in Sydney and Australia, your company can lower their bottom line, increase its economic headroom, giving you the financial margin to invest in expansion, new markets and even the development of new products.

Although you undoubtedly have valuable in-house knowledge and experienced personnel, working with Dynamo™ Selling allows you to tap into our diverse and deep well of knowledge acquired through our decades of sales coaching across multiple industries.

Our tailored and award-winning sales coaching modules are created to meet the needs of both large corporations and smaller operations as well. We offer inhouse, off-site and virtual sales coaching so we can best assess and meet your organisation’s needs.

What Dynamo™ Selling Offers

The core of our sales courses in Sydney and Australia are clients’ psychology. Throughout our years of offering sales coaching, we have acquired a deep understanding of what motivates clients to convert and sales personnel to close deals.

We have managed to assess the main obstacles during the process and developed ways to communicate effectively. Dynamo™ Selling’s founder and CEO Raimond Volpe has 20 25years of experience training and optimising sales for our clients. The methodology we use is results-orientated and data-based. These are the courses and services Dynamo™ Selling offers:

  • Face-to-face tailored sales coaching programs
  • Training programs performed on-site
  • Training modules designed specifically to help smaller teams increase their selling potential.
  • Sales training Modules for remote teams and team-members
  • Packages available for medium to large corporations
  • Coaching programs focusing on leadership skills for management and senior team members

Leadership Series: Create the Right Environment to Stimulate Sales

To meet the sales expectations you set forth, all tiers of your organisation need to be engaged. This is why Dynamo™ Selling offers a Leadership Series Program that will help your executive, management and senior members offer your sales teams’ the tools and dynamic environment they need to achieve their goals.

The individuals at the helm of your organisation, teams and departments, can help bolster mindset, motivation and of course sales with this training module.

This program includes:

  • Tailored Workshops
  • Leadership Skills Training Courses
  • Real-World Sales Scenarios and Exercises
  • Continued skill development and coaching

Boosting Sales With Emotion and Psychology

Sales and marketing experts have been studying the power of connecting to your clients on an emotional and psychological level for decades. And the benefits are proven; a Harvard Business Review article mentions a case study in which a large bank launched a card designed specifically to appeal to Millenials.

This resulted in an increase of onboarding within the Millenial demographic from 40% to 70%. This is why Dynamo™ Selling’s methodology focuses on up-to-date sales techniques which concentrate on client psychology and eliciting emotion.

You have probably witnessed this being used by some of the most dominant brands in the world, where their brand becomes synonymous with a certain emotion – for example, Sony, is exciting and technologically advanced, Tesla brings forth emotions of both a bright technological future and environmental responsibility.

Dynamo™ Selling gives your team the tools to increase your sales revenue by accessing this exact power of emotion and client psychology.