Gold 2020 Stevie Winner

A 2020 Gold Stevie Award for our sales training

Every business is proud when they receive recognition and it’s great to announce that our sales training helped us win the Gold Stevie Award 2020 for Customer Service Management.

In the world of sales training, we are pleased to share that it’s not just any award. It’s an award for Innovation for Customer Service and Management. We know how good our sales training Sydney approach is and it’s awesome to have our hard work celebrated with a Stevie.

Winning a Stevie

It was wonderful to win a Gold Stevie award and even though it was a virtual ceremony this year due to COVID-19, there was still a really high sense of achievement.

To be nominated for, let alone win, one of the biggest awards in the industry has absolutely verified that our sales training is right.

It is very fulfilling to win because we are innovative, and we try new things all the time. In fact, the tactics and content that do not work, fuel the way for the things that do work.

Here is what a couple of our clients have to say about Dynamo Selling’s sales success training programs.

Josh Klein, Managing Director of Social Status, said: “Raimond’s sales training was exactly what I needed. Within a few short hours, he reviewed my current activity, showed me where I was falling short and armed me with actionable learnings to improve. I closed a $4,500 deal this morning.”

Dean Shaw, Industry Solutions Director, Microsoft, Asia-Pacific, said: “Dynamo Selling teaches one how to remain fresh and identify potential lapses, gaps and shortcomings, then shows you how to fill them while maintaining a growth mindset with minimal stress – all with passion and zeal.”

Innovation in sales training

How we do it: sales training should always be in development as new techniques and tools become available.

We deliver specialised sales training programs for face-to-face selling, phone selling, retail and corporate groups through a combination of sales and customer service training workshops, presentations, role play and sales coaching.

Sale training should be in-depth and go into the psychology of sales and mindset. Selling is about interacting with others. Through understanding yourself as well as the mindset of others, our clients can learn the best ways to interact with people that will be best received.

We understand the importance of creating connections from the first instance you meet a potential customer and have put this at the centre of our sales training. The feedback we receive from our clients shows we know it works.

There’s no one-fit for everyone and people learn differently, which is why our programs are tailored for each team.

Sales training that works

Our sales training programs are specialised and we work hard to ensure we deliver content that works for our clients.

Every client has unique challenges, and we have to take them into consideration when we’re developing the programs for their teams.

Understanding people is essential to provide a high level of customer service. As yourself this about your own customers:

  • What are their needs and requirements?
  • What do they need or expect to hear from?
  • How can you make that allimportant and great first impression?

The three core parts to making good revenue is motivation, sales, and customer service so whatever sales training program you choose, make sure it covers these.

Good sales training should also look at protecting a team’s mental health and evading anxiety. A sales team is usually made up of high performing individuals so managing anxiety and overwhelming feelings ensure they stay motivated. A motivated team is productive. The mental health of your team shouldn’t be ignored. Addressing anxiety in our training is an example of our innovativeness.

Your next steps

Try our innovative and award-winning sales training programs for yourself and see what results your enhanced sales team can achieve.

Get in touch with us on number: 1300 745 977 to find out how we can help you with your next steps.