Mindset in sales training

Cultivating a growth mindset


The power of the mind is an extraordinary thing. It can turn a glass from half empty to half full or turn the sting of failure into a valuable learning experience.

The way we feel about ourselves and view ourselves is vital to our success. People with a growth mindset believe that a person can enhance their own intelligence and skills, which allows them to view things such as rejections and challenges as opportunities to grow and refine their skills, therefore improving their likelihood of success. This means they are not overly attached to the outcome of a situation.

On the other hand, those with a fixed mindset believe that the outcome of a situation defines them, therefore the fear of the outcome prevents them from taking risks for fear of how things will eventuate.

With this type of mindset, learning and growing is greatly stifled and the very fear that stops them is why they may never reach their goal of being successful.

The sales environment is full of rejections and challenges, which is why it is essential for a salesperson to perceive these setbacks as opportunities to refine their skills and develop the necessary resilience to become a sales superstar!

Here are some great ways to help cultivate your growth mindset:

Use ‘yet’

The word ‘yet’ is very powerful and full of opportunity. There’s a big difference between I ‘I haven’t reached my goal’ and ‘I haven’t reached my goal yet’.

Identify your fixed mindset voice

From time to time we all fall into a fixed mindset. Learn to recognise when you do and see if you can reframe your thoughts. Turn ‘I’ll never be able to do this -I’m going to fail.’ into ‘I’ll give it a try- at the very least I’ll learn something along the way’.

Focus on learning

Not being attached to an outcome is easier said than done. When you invest your time and energy into something it’s understandable to become focused on how it’s all going to turn out. Instead though, try to let go of the outcome and focus on what you’re learning and the journey itself. You’ll be surprised how much more enjoyable the process will be!

Get some sleep

Being sleep deprived makes it harder for us to regulate emotions and handle stressful situations. Getting enough sleep allows the brain to better cope with any negative outcomes that might arise.

A growth mindset takes discipline and practice but is definitely worth cultivating. Developing a strong growth mindset in sales and life in general will open you up to never-ending achievements and opportunities.

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