Sales Prospects Interested In Your Solution

How To Get Sales Prospects Interested In Your Solution


Selling is easier when prospects are interested in your solution. When this prevails, the sales process moves seamlessly to completion. The challenge is to pique their interest without coming across as pushy. Positioning the customer’s interest ahead of yours is central to the desired outcome, but how can this be done?

1. Visualise the transformation for prospects

What are prospects looking for? Essentially, they are looking for a transformation from their current state to their desired state.

By visualising this transformation, you will communicate to them your depth of understanding of their problems as well as the benefits of the transformation. For example, in visualising the look and feel of a new patio, you can help them picture their next garden party.

2. Be the resource

The aim of a sales relationship is to be the customer’s go-to-person. It’s unlikely you will close the deal at the start of the relationship unless it costs nothing for the prospect to make a purchase.

As part of generating interest in your solution, you can offer interim help to resolve the problem or prevent it from getting bigger. You could even offer help for something completely unrelated to the problem.

For example, if you are a real estate agent, you might introduce the prospect to the principal of the local school or the practice manager at the local clinic. Amongst others, this can communicate indirectly your deep knowledge of the suburb and the people in it.

Remember, your solution isn’t the new house, but a home, which includes the surroundings and people in it so they can live happily ever there.

3. Share success stories

Remember, sharing success stories isn’t a chest-thumping exercise and testimonials aren’t trophies to showcase your triumphs.

Rather, success stories are an opportunity to share similar problems that past or current clients had and how they were resolved with your solution. This is the best demonstration of your solution that will pique prospects’ interest in your solution.

For a sales relationship to culminate in an outcome, mutual interest must first exist. Your sales conversations should weigh heavily on creating interest. To learn more, connect with us today.