Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards

2020 Best Sales Training Provider Award

Receiving several awards for our Sydney sales training was incredible in 2020 . We’re proud to announce that we won Best Sales Training Provider – Australia at the Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards.

Being nominated for Corporate Vision’s awards is a huge reward in itself. These provide great recognition of the hard work going on in our industry and the people at the core of it.

The Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards honours the essential people who give businesses the tools, strategies and people necessary to achieve and exceed their goals.

Why the Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards rock

The awards are based purely on merit, so you know the winners really are top of their class.

Their in-house team researches each company on the materials submitted but also look online to find out more. They go above and beyond to base their final decisions on the data they can find.

The judging criteria includes:

• Client dedication
• Innovation
• Business growth
• Longevity
• Online reputation
• Customers’ feedback
• Business performance

Each nominee must produce a short case file on their chosen area of business and practice, and provide details of any previous accolades, as well as their position within the industry. Product samples and media packs are also accepted to help the case.

The aim is ensure quality winners who truly are making a difference in their category. Clients know that a Corporate Coaching and Recruitment award is significant as it affirms your status as an industry leader.

It truly was an honor to win 2020 Best Sales Training Provider – Australia. Our work really makes a difference and the impact is being recognised by industry leaders.

Training your Sydney sales team

Salespeople are an absolutely essential part of any business. They source your leads, nurture them, and convert them to become your customers. Investing in sales training for your team, can take them to the next level, boosting your bottom line at the same time.

Raimond Volpe, CEO of Dynamo Selling, said: “Winning this award is just fantastic. Knowing that it’s based on what our customers think of us, how we’re perceived and the great work we do, really shows what an impact our sales training has.

“We’re always looking to provide the best sales training to our customers and each program is developed with their specific needs in mind. The team here works so hard to ensure we deliver content that works for our clients.

“Thanks to Corporate Vision for recognising our worth, and a huge thanks to my team helping us deliver high quality training every single time.”

Sydney Sales training that works

We’re always striving to find the right tools and techniques to deliver sales training in the right way. Using a combination of sales and customer service training workshops, presentations, role play and sales coaching, we deliver specialised sales training programs for face-to-face selling, phone selling, retail and corporate groups.
Sales training should cover the psychology of sales and mindset as interacting with others is a core part of any sales.

Through understanding yourself as well as the mindset of others, our clients can learn the best ways to interact with people that will be best received.

The three core parts to making good revenue is motivation, sales, and customer service, and our programs delve into these in detail as necessary. There’s no one-fit for everyone and people learn differently, which is why our programs are tailored for each team.

Your next steps

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