Connecting With Customers On A Personal Level

Connecting With Customers On A Personal Level


One of the tricks to converting potential sales into actual sales is connecting with your customers on a personal level. However, it can feel difficult, especially if you have an extensive book of contacts and can’t spend significant time on each. Here are some quick ways to make and keep connections with your sales prospects.

Share information about yourself

One of the ways that people can feel connected with you is when you reveal bits of information about yourself. This encourages people to also share information about themselves and this can help you to find common ground.

That common ground is easier to remember for both sides. It can be something like similar work experience, similar family background or even similar interests in music and sport. As the interest is shared it’s easier to remember and feels less forced than some other techniques.

Understand their needs

While customers usually present with an urgent need, sometimes they have an underlying need that they may not even understand yet.

When you can help them to understand their underlying, longer-term needs and provide a solution that helps to make their life easier, you cease simply being a supplier and move into being a partner.

This could include simple things such as matching the order cycle to better suit their actual demand or altering their product mix to better suit their needs.

Recognise the relationship value of long-term customers

When you have a long-term relationship with a customer it’s important to be empathetic to their challenges. For example, if a large customer of theirs fails to pay a bill, they may need you to work with them in order to manage their payments.

By showing empathy and understanding during this time, you can help them to feel valued and appreciated by your company and strengthen the relationship long term.

If you are looking to improve your sales conversion rates for a large sales book, it’s a great idea to look at how you can improve your rapport and internal processes. Sales training can help you and your team to become the best salespeople you can be.

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