Barlow Pyke – Schiavello Group

Schiavello Construction is a trusted commercial construction company, delivering projects of exceptional value. Their diverse experience spans across multiple sectors throughout Australia.

Barlow Pyke joined the Schiavello Construction in January 2011 as a site foreman. His skills span across customer service, procurement, public speaking, contract negotiation and contract management.

He approached Dynamo Selling for some sales coaching on how to better lead his team and the people around him. He wanted to learn how to better communicate and find delivery, how to read body language, how to use question techniques and wanted to build morale and motivation within his team.

Switching a few things around Barlow has grown to his fullest potential which in turn has allowed him to progress in his career. He now works in a new position in a more senior role with another leading construction company. He has gained skills in leadership, productivity, and overall customer service.

Dynamo Selling inspires leaders and employees alike to be the best version of themselves. Our programs are designed for all the different stages of the leadership journey, so whether you are new to leading teams and projects or experienced in leading large teams or complex change, we have something for you. We tailored our sales training for Barlow, by applying the adaptive leadership framework to challenges in his workplace he learnt how to make progress on complex challenges, and it achieved wonders for his confidence.

Barlow learnt how to influence and mobilise across remote teams, reframe thinking around problems to move forward and adopt an experimental mindset to expand his leadership capacity. Mostly, he learnt how to improve his negotiation tactics with honest, solid methods. Not only that, but we also taught him how to identify what strategy to use with what customer or conversation – because they’re all different.

It’s important to us that you get value and lifelong skills out of what we teach our customers. We know that not everything can be learned in a day, but after taking our sales training courses or reading our founders book, you’ll have actionable skills and knowledge that you can start using right away.

“It was really great and exciting to attend Dynamo’s sales coaching – Rai was amazing!

The face-to-face training format was highly informative and interactive which can be largely credited to the coaching and real-world application provided through the course. Rai’s knowledge around productivity and communication was outstanding.

I’m beyond thankful to Rai for coaching me and helping me achieve my goal to be a better leader to my team. Looking forward to my next in-person class with Dynamo Selling to enhance my skills”.