Urban Cleans very own Roy Donal Cleaning the world – one client at a time!

The Urban Clean team is on a mission to change the cleaning franchise industry. Their Founder Damien Boehm has a vision to give customers a second to none cleaning experience, and to empower franchisees to achieve their goals.

Roy Donal the director of one of Urban Cleans franchises is the very definition of Mr. Boehm’s company direction. Mr Donal entered the world of business owner within the cleaning industry with no first- hand experience. He set out to make a difference and contacted Dynamo Selling to assist him from the ground up – sales coaching. Roy had challenges around cold calling, lead generation, and overall sales techniques so he needed a full on tailored intensive sales training program that encompassed all of the above and more. We worked around his work schedules to ensure he was at his learning best.

Our Sales Coaching was tailored for Roy’s needs, with emphasis on:

  • Cold calling and building his business up
  • Building lists and how to use them,
  • Prospecting,
  • Break through the negativity,
  • Motivation
  • Productivity – time/ hours/ strategic approach/ when and how jobs were completed
  • Behaviour training
  • Training on reading people and body language
  • Conversation techniques
  • Ice breakers
  • Follow up routine effectiveness
  • The general understanding of sales training

“I am absolutely surprised by the amount and time; Rai has invested into my development in my sales techniques.

He really digs into human behaviours and understanding different ways of dealing with client leads and ways to motivate them to spark a sale.

Not only that, but also ensures that each training session is tailored to my specific needs and cover specific weakness that I have in my sales.

I would highly recommend Rai and his team; they absolutely do a fantastic job!”

Roy DonalDirector, Urban Cleaning

Summary of Results

Following on from Dynamos sales coaching, Roy’s franchise has shown a rapid increase in business. Currently not being able to take on any new clients as he has been overloaded with referrals and regular clients.

The tailored sales coaching with Dynamo Selling has proved to be highly successful as the finest details were thoroughly covered. Roy is a more confident and motivated franchise owner, and this is shown in his repeated clientele.

Dynamo Selling has been engaged to continue with more sales training and ongoing sales coaching. Watch them clean the world – one client at a time!

If you want to start your increased sales journey, call us now to see how we can help you and your team with sales training and sales coaching!