As salespeople, we are always looking for the best ways to connect with our clients and build rapport. At Dynamo Selling, we have recently introduced Neuro-Selling Techniques® (NST) into our sales training workshops.

Neuro- Selling Techniques® is a concept developed by our Director, Raimond Volpe, based on scientific research. The theory is a combination of two different concepts:

1. The three brains of humans (read more)
2. The eight emotions of humans (read more).

By understanding how our three different brains interconnect with one another, we can understand how our own emotions work and why we make the decisions we do. At the advanced level, you can use this knowledge to impact the emotions and actions of others to help you close deals.

But first, let’s explain the three different brains: Neo-cortex, limbic brain & reptilian brain.

The three brains

  • Reptilian brain: The reptilian brain is made up of the brain stem and cerebellum. Its purpose is fundamentally survival instincts (aka. flight or flight). It’s thanks to the reptilian brain that our blood can pump even when asleep. It controls movement, breathing, circulation, hunger and threat analysis – the basics we need to survive.
  • Limbic brain: Raimond likes to call this one “the emotional brain” as its main purpose is involved with managing our emotions, feelings, hormones and memories.
  • Neo-cortex: The neo-cortex is the outermost brain and the most recent to have evolved. It manages rationality, thinking and visualisation in humans. It helps humans see ahead and plan for the future. While the neo-cortex is present in all primates, it is most developed in humans.

The eight emotions

Psychologist Robert Plutchik believed that humans had eight primary emotions. These included:

1. Fear
2. Joy
3. Anger
4. Sadness
5. Disgust
6. Surprise
7. Contempt
8. Interest.

Neuro-Selling Techniques®


The concept of Neuro-Selling Techniques® interconnects these two theories with visualisation. The functions of the reptilian brain are largely unconscious and automatic however more importantly, it is unable to distinguish the difference between what’s real and what is imagined. Therefore we can utilise visualisations to achieve desired results from the reptilian brain.

When the brain processes information, it goes from the neo-cortex to the limbic brain, then to the reptilian brain. When you think about the functions of these brains, it shows us how humans turn a thought into an emotion and then into an action.

• Information processing in the three brains: Neo-Cortex > Limbic > Reptilian
• What this looks like in reality: Thoughts > Emotions > Actions.

By focusing on influencing thoughts first, we can in turn generate a desired emotion and then behaviour.

How we use this in sales training

In sales, we need to create a visual image of what the client will get if they purchase your product or sign up with your services. If you were selling a Porsche to a young 30 year old male, you might paint the picture of them cruising down Beaconsfield Parade with the wind in their hair and the sun in their face (the result of buying the Porsche). The visualisation sets off chemicals in your body that sends signals to the reptilian brain.

It’s important to remember that 70% of decisions are made to get out of a painful situation or solve a pain point (i.e. website support) whereas only 30% of purchase decisions are made for pleasure (i.e. luxury car). Therefore the majority of the time, salespeople will need to create visualisations that paint a painless, stress free environment with peace of mind.

If you are unsure of the type of visualisation you need to create, it can be useful to read a persons emotions first. If someone is uncertain, you need to give them trust (get them to choose a different emotion).

It’s a matter of getting someone to feel the right emotions.

The greatest athletes on the planet use visualisation techniques to achieve their goals. If you visualise yourself succeeding, you send out hormones to your reptilian brain which tricks your body into acting a certain way – aka succeeding.

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