Every company we work with is different and therefore, each of our trainings are too. We tailor each workshop based on the needs and requirements of each of the participants. That being said, there are some fundamental elements that we always teach as well as underlying principles that remain constant regardless of company, size or industry.

We have broken some of these fundamentals down to give you an overview of what you can expect:

A strong focus on mindset

This is our biggest differentiator from typical sales training organisations. At Dynamo Selling, we truly believe that success comes from motivation, which comes from within. Sales people that are happy and have clear goals and directions will wake up feeling more motivated than others. This philosophy is deeply ingrained into the culture of Dynamo Selling. Our Director Raimond Volpe wrote a best-selling book, Success1010 For Living, which discusses how to explore your blockages and manage them to live happier, more successful lives. Finding out what drives you or your sales team is a priority that we address in the first sales training workshop. 

Personality profiling

The concept of personality profiling is not new, however we take a slightly different approach at Dynamo Selling. DISC is a non-judgemental tool used to analyse people’s behavioral styles. A core component of our sales training workshops is teaching different ways to interact with each personality type – so your sales team are well equipped to successfully interact and connect with any type of personality that comes there way.

Neuro-Selling Techniques ® (NST)

Neuro-Selling Techniques® are tactics developed by our Director Raimond Volpe. We introduced NST® in 2017 (read about it here) and it completely revolutionised our training sessions. The techniques are partly based on scientific research, but combined with sales techniques to create a brand new and unique approach. Utilising our knowledge of how the brain works – specifically how thoughts turn into emotions and actions – we can elicit desired emotions from our sales prospects to achieve specific goals. NS®T is reserved for our advanced Sales Pro packages, so we have time teach you the basics first!

In addition to the above, we will also enable your team to:

  • Reframe the mindset for success
  • Create positive corporate culture every day
  • Create a strategic prospecting plan
  • Make people like you within 23 seconds
  • Create a confident first impression
  • Objection-handle like an expert
  • Learn and read body language techniques
  • Learn DISC personalities and how to sell to them
  • Master the art of questioning
  • Close the sale effectively and quickly
  • Utilise empathetic listening
  • Learn the sales call process
  • Perform high-level negotiation techniques
  • Understand sales psychology
  • Get motivated to succeed.

As mentioned above, we pride ourselves on delivering tailored sales training workshops that focus on specific pain points or problems our clients are having – however many of the above elements are incorporated into our solutions as they can apply to a variety of different situations.

If you are currently facing some sales issues or would like to know more, feel free to drop us a line at info@dynamoselling.com.au