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There are a multitude of sales courses out there. Our courses put the customer at the centre by constantly adding value to help your sales team sell more.

At every step of the customer journey with your sales team it’s important to always be thinking about adding value.

Adding value to the customer journey with sales training

Break down your customers’ journey with your business and where your salespeople feature to understand where your strengths and weaknesses are in the team.

The aim is to ensure the customer is receiving the information they need to continue their journey through the sales funnel.

Use the below points as the basis and identify the challenges your sales team face.

#1: Your salesperson gets a lead

Think: “How can I provide value there?”

Learn to know when you can provide value and where you can’t.

Don’t just book in a call, because that has no value for the lead.

Where and how can you demonstrate the value of your product or service to the lead in order to take them to the next step in the sales process?

Help them see the value in your products or services and inspire them to continue along their journey. The best way is to organise a meeting – in person or virtual – where you can see and talk to each other. A face-to-face meeting is more effective than a phone call.

Great sales courses will help a sales team understand how to create an impact on first contact with the lead.

#2: Your salesperson has a meeting with the lead

Think: “How am I going to optimise this opportunity?”

Time + money = value.

It used to be that only money = value, but now time is far more important to people when it comes to perceiving value in a product or service that solves a pain-point or problem.

We live in a time-poor society and you need to persuade your customer that you can add value.

You have just a few minutes to make an impact. Someone will decide whether they like you within the first four seconds of meeting. And this will impact whether they want to do business with you. People can decide how trustworthy you are in just a tenth of a second.

The meeting needs to be strong, so consider what you need to cover off to add extra value.

You will need to build trust and a relationship from the beginning, so start to educate and inform them on how you can assist with their problem. Describe your brand, products, and services, and put them in context so they understand how it fits into their work and life.

Go above and beyond and offer them more with an added value proposition.

The more you can show them how your products or services can enrich their work and life, the more they can understand why they should purchase it.

Monitor conversations for buying signals and face-to-face meetings will help this.

Our sales courses can help your sales team navigate their way through the meeting and further develop the lead.

#3: Your salesperson converts the lead and now they are a customer

Think: “How am I going to provide ongoing value to create loyalty so that we don’t lose the customer to a competitor?”

Once a customer has bought from you, keep them interested in your company.

You’ve spent a lot of time, money, and effort to bring the customer in, so don’t lose the investment.

What can you offer? Consider how you can keep them with tactics such as a loyalty scheme, discounts and access to valuable material.

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