Sales coaching tips to be noticed

Sales coaching tips to help your team to stand out from the crowd


When it’s getting harder for you to stand out from the crowd, then it’s time to invest in sales coaching.

The most successful sales leaders use sales coaching to elevate them to the next level. And the next level is critical today as our world is saturated with sales pitches and key messages filling our newsfeeds.

How do you grab attention and make your pitch in a noisy crowd?

Let’s dive into the most practical tips you’ll find from a sales coach.

Sales coaching to stand out from the crowd

The difference between a good and a great salesperson is their knowledge of the target market.

Having a deep understanding of who they are selling to will impact your bottom line.

Let’s start by looking at how people generally consume content these days.

We live in an online world. Decisions about someone are made in an instance, so it’s imperative to set up your digital profiles to succeed. This is the swipe age, where someone can move past you quickly and be onto the next person.

Training in sales can help you stop a prospect in their tracks.

The business world is similar to the dating world in this respect.


The diagram above shows how people are sorted by our brains.

This is also the path that a sales coach will train your sales team on how to go from okay to great. The starting point is always Indifference. Right now, no one cares what a salesperson has to say. You must get to Friend. What will you do? How do you start building that relationship?

Our sales training team will explicitly teach you how, in the meantime start with your online profile.

What does your online profile say about you?

Your profile is what others experience face-to-face, over the phone, or during virtual meetings.

It is the first thing someone sees and hears from you. What you wear, how you speak, the words you use, your facial expressions, the lighting, the quality of the stream, everything contributes to someone’s decision about you.

A strong sales coach should go into detail on how to create a strong first meeting, my sales coaching always does.

Your first meetings may typically have few people on them, maybe one or two influencers of decision makers. A salesperson has to stand out here. Appearances are a huge part of the instant sorting process we go through. It takes someone just four seconds to decide whether they like you. It takes a person just a tenth of a second to decide how trustworthy you are. Altogether, you have 23 seconds to make a great impression. After that, it’s hard to change their perception about you.

How our brains sort people

Our previous point touched on how the brain sorts people, but it’s worth going into detail.

We categorise people in four ways typically:

  • Friend (valuable)
  • Enemy (lose value)
  • Mate (natural genetics)
  • Indifferent (the worst and want to avoid)

Indifference is usually the starting point from a cold sale.

Building a relationship will move you into another section, and it starts with a salesperson’s profile. Creating rapport can easily move a salesperson into Mate or Friend sections, depending on how well they connect with the prospect.

The crux of a good first contact is truly engaging with your prospect with useful and valuable information for them. They likely receive hundreds of sales messages.

Forge trust with them from the start. Show you understand their pain points and can offer solutions to make their lives easier. Show you can help them. This isn’t about you, but about them, so focus your attention on that.

This will help develop trust in you and your company. When they search for you, ensure yours and the company’s online presence demonstrates professionalism and success. Hide private profiles from public view. A salesperson represents the company.

The sales coach during our sales coaching sessions will teach you more.

3 ways to make an impact with clients through sales training

Why should a client choose you? What can you provide or do to make a difference?

Your sales team has to make an immediate impact and here are three ways to do that:

Create a niche offering

Having a specific offering that prospects can easily understand is better than a general one. It shows you can help a particular pain point of theirs.

Research them

There’s no better way to create impact than when you show them you’ve done your research early and know their company before the sale is even made.

Be different

Leave a lasting memory by giving them a taste of what you can do and show them what you stand for. Are you knowledgeable, reliable, trustworthy? Demonstrate these in your initial interactions with them.

Scale up your technique with sales coaching

Elevate your sales team with excellent sales coaching.

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