Australian Enterprise Awards Winner

Apac Sales Training Company of the Year (2021)

We’re so very excited to announce that we’ve won the 2021 Apac Sales Training Company of the Year. It’s an absolute honour to win this prestigious award, which is based entirely on merit. Our sales training Sydney team are brilliant at what they do, and it’s fantastic to validate their work with this award.

The Apac Insider Awards

These awards were recognised to acknowledge businesses and people who play a pivotal role in Australia’s economy.

We’re one of the top 15 economies in the world and a major player in global trade. These awards were created to highlight those who’ve contributed to Australia’s continued role in the world, even with the impact of the pandemic. Our sales courses Sydney have helped so many people and it’s great to have recognition for our work.

Leaders and savvy business people have been able to pivot or develop new opportunities, bringing about plenty of innovation and change. The awards celebrate people and businesses who have supported and boosted our economy throughout the last year. We’re so glad to be part of it.

How the awards are judged

The Apac awards are important because they are based purely on merit. Apac’s team identifies businesses as well as accepting nominations from businesses.

Their team reviews materials from the supporting case as well as information online to ensure they have the full picture.

Business performance, growth and innovations combined with stakeholder feedback are all considered. That’s what makes these awards so valuable, the independent analysis.

That’s why winning the Apac for Best Sales Training Company of the Year 2021 means so much to us, because it’s based entirely on what we’ve achieved for others.

Our clients have seen the results and their companies are benefiting from the sales training they’ve received.

Our Dynamo Selling sales success training approach

Raimond Volpe, CEO of Dynamo Selling, said: “It’s such an unexpected honour to have won the Apac award for Sales Training Company of the Year. This is a huge win for us and great to have validation for our approach and work.

“I’d like to thank everyone involved, and we wouldn’t have achieved this without the team behind me. We continuously push and strive to create the best programs for our clients, ensuring their teams get the sales training they need to boost bottom lines.

“Having our sales training confirmed by Apac shows the difference we can make to companies.”

The Dynamo Selling program uses a combination of techniques in our sales training programs. The programs cover all types of sales: face-to-face selling, phone selling, retail and corporate groups and trains through a combination of sales and customer service training workshops, presentations, role play and sales coaching.

Our programs also emphasise the importance of creating connections from the first instance you meet a potential customer. We have put this at the core of our sales training. Those first moments are very important so don’t waste them.

Selling is about interacting with others. Customers buy into you. By understanding yourself as well as the mindset of others, our clients learn the best ways to interact with people.

Enhance your sales team with our sales courses

Try our innovative sales training programs for yourself and see what results your enhanced sales team can achieve.

Each of our programs are designed to work with your team, giving them the information they need in the way they learn best.

We know that no one learns in the same way which is why each program is unique for our clients.

Book a call with our expert team and find out how our sales training can boost your bottom line.