City Kia’s growth continues to soar after their sales coaching

Kia Corporation commonly known as Kia was founded in May 1944 and is South Korea’s oldest manufacturer of motor vehicles.

Today, Kia produces more than 1.4 million vehicles a year at 14 manufacturing and assembly operations in eight countries. The Corporation has more than 40,000 employees and annual revenues of more than US$17 billion.

City Kia Burnley is a unique dealership when compared to the other distributors around the world. It is a family-owned and run business and has been since 1948 with Jay Pascoe.

The Pascoe’s, three generations of car men with over 70-years’ experience in business, continue to develop the great legacy of the family and all the committed years they have put into offering excellent car service and, especially, customer service. Their motto is “let our family look after your family. John Pascoe junior lives by the motto “when you buy a car from us, you become part of our family”.

With this proud history, City Kia Burnley are determined to keep up the tradition of service excellence and strive to meet all the expectations their customers have come to enjoy. Therefore, Managing Director, John Pascoe junior and the leadership team turned to Dynamo Selling for sales coaching and sales training. They wanted assistance with their sales and customer service teams with the following:

  • Body language techniques,
  • Skills around turning leads/people from just browsing into sales customers,
  • Conflict Resolution skills around when the cars were going to arrive (Covid-19 impacted),
  • Skills around keeping people happy,
  • Behavioural Psychology/ People’s Psyche,
  • Upselling and capitalising on the showroom floor,
  • Skills in maximising productivity during busy times,
  • Subtle Skills to showcase the automotives

City Kia Burnley’s aim is to provide perfect service and car maintenance. “I engaged Dynamo selling to rejuvenate my sales team. We have seen an increase in the number of cars sold straight month on month since the training and can’t wait to do more training. I highly recommend Rai and Dynamo selling training to any company seeking sales and performance training.” John PascoeManaging Director, City Kia

Summary of Results

City Kia have shown a surge in sales following our sales coaching and this continues to rise. After 3 months of their staff completing this sales training, they have experienced a 50% increase in overall sales and that these figures are growing monthly.

“We engaged Rai for a tailored online Sales Domination Program with a Virtual Coaching Package as this had the optimal timeframe and tailored content, so we could find ways to thrive and not limit our expansion potential and growth.

The sales training itself was incredibly engaging and thought-provoking with some very simple and effective processes to implement.

The team have not only provided positive feedback verbally, but we have, most importantly, seen this reflected in our premium category’s performance. Performance has improved, team morale has increased, and the overall business has grown.”

John Pascoe – Owner, City Kia

“Ray was extremely knowledgeable and engaging. I have taken many key sales skills to enhance my chances of closing customers more often.”
Ben PymSales ExecutiveCity Kia