The three steps to winning sales: Part 2

The three steps to winning sales: Part 2


Becoming an expert sales person is not an easy process, but it is a lot easier if you have a structured method or process to follow. There are a lot of elements that come into play in sales psychology which is why there are thousands of different strategies, techniques and philosophies out there.

At Dynamo Selling, we teach you the steps that have been personally tried and tested ourselves, and from our clients from over the years. We have broken our sales training programs down into three steps, which we call The Clarity Principle.

The Clarity Principle

Step 1 – Get Clear
Step 2 – Get Confident
Step 3 – Get Growth.

Getting clarity about what you want to achieve is the first step, which is covered in Part 1. Once you have clearly defined your goals, have crunched the numbers and have created a strategic blueprint to get there, there next thing you need is the confidence to implement your vision.

Confidence is the belief that you can succeed at something. People often lack self-confidence when they truly don’t believe they have the knowledge and ability to perform an action or reach their goals. This is what Dynamo Selling is here to change. Through our sales training, we will give you the necessary knowledge and practice to build that confidence and create realistic goals. We do this in two ways:

Sales Tactics:

  • We teach a variety of tactics within our sales training workshops. With the right tools and knowledge, you will feel empowered, and this mind set makes all the difference. We use training tools such as:
    • Learning to read and implement body language that resonates with your audience
    • Learning to read micro expressions to get a better understanding of your client
    • Analysing the clients needs to determine how best to respond
    • Using questioning techniques to get the right information from the client and change their point of view
    • Reviewing traits of successful people and extrapolating those which can be used in your process
    • Establishing a sufficient sales process that accommodates these techniques so you have a blueprint.

Ongoing sales coaching:

  • Coaching ensures that the training from the initial workshop is retained and participants maintain confidence in the long term to increase their performance. Confidence, like any emotion goes through cycles. You can be feeling confident one day but down the next. With our sales coaching packages, we pick you up on the down days and help you make the most of the up days. This is where we see real business growth.

Through a structured sales training regime, you can empower yourself to get the confidence you need to reach your goals and ensure this is maintained through ongoing sales coaching. Once you reach this level of confidence, it brings us to the next step in The Clarity Principle, Growth. Exponential business growth is possible when the first two steps are achieved. By implementing your new skills day in day out, you will resonate better with your clients, close more deals and improve your overall performance.

If you would like to have a chat about how you can implement The Clarity Principle in your organisation, please get in touch.

“When you doubt your power you give power to your doubt”.